fter Kilian came into possession of his sailboat, we decided to take a brothers trip through the Greek isles. Unfortunately, the good weather lasted only a short while. We found ourselves tossed around in squalls and tempests and other synonyms for storms. The first one was by far the worst. We would have capsized if Kilian had not thought quickly and tossed Austin overboard. After that, things went from great to bad. We had been using kegs of our beer as ballast, but two of them went overboard, and Graeme jumped after them with a pint glass in his hand. The storm cleared soon afterward and the rest of us found ourselves staring at a beautiful island. We made our way to shore to have a look around. Despite Kilian's warnings, Justin decided to taste a rather lotus-looking fruit and wandered off into a nearby forest. The remaining three brothers decided searching for him wasn't worth the time, so they set sail once more, only to have Blaise dragged underwater after trying to take a selfie with a mermaid for his Instagram. Trent would have made it, but a big wave soaked him through and through, and he found the weight of his wet hair too much. He overbalanced and fell overboard. Kilian sat at the tiller with a glass of beer in his hand. This was the life.